Okay, I watched a free webinar that was a sales pitch to sign up for a paid course. I know.

Author Nir Eyal wrote Indistractable about controlling your attention. The webinar I watched covered some high points I thought were interesting:

“The opposite of distraction is traction” (related)

Most people would say the opposite of distraction is focus, but it is traction. Both distraction and traction have “action” in them. It’s a matter of moving toward or away from what we want.

“The time you plan to waste is not wasted time”

If I’m going to scroll through Twitter, it should be intentional and therefore not a distraction.

“Time management is about pain management”

We get distracted because we’re avoiding pain.

“Consistency over intensity”

Continue to show up and build indistructable habits. Don’t worry about how intense you are; keep showing up. (This is good advice things like exercise!)

“Did I do what I said I was going to do, for as long as I said I was going to, without distraction?”

This is the key evaluation at the end of the day.

Eyal listed a four step process (which the course will cover in detail, of course) to become indistractable:

  1. Master internal triggers
  2. Make time for traction
  3. Hack back external triggers
  4. Create a pact
Written on December 7, 2022