Evernote Sold

Two tweets showed up in my feed at nearly the same time yesterday. The first was an article about Evernote’s missteps: Ahead of Its Time, Behind the Curve: Why Evernote Failed to Realize Its Potential.

The second tweet linked to the announcement of Bending Spoon’s acquisition of Evernote - Evernote’s Next Move: Joining the Bending Spoons Suite of Apps

I started using Evernote the year it launched: 2008 (14 years ago!). By the end of this year, I will cross 13,000 notes. Co-founders Stepan Pachikov’s and Phil Libin’s vision for a digital brain across all devices sold me on Evernote.

The allure of other new note-taking applications has tugged at my mind over the years, but I’ve held the course. I look forward to seeing what Bending Spoons has in store for Evernote, despite concerns over other recent changes in ownership.

Written on November 17, 2022