2022 Retrospective

This year was the first full year where I used timeblocking for scheduling my days. Not only did I plan out my day, but I updated the calendar to reflect (mostly) what I actually did. Not all numbers are super precise, since I round to the nearest 15 minute increments, but I think there’s valuable things to see here.

Overall, 2022 was an improvement in almost every metric I tracked.



This was my first full year at Maxcess. Based on feedback from my manager, I took on a number of tasks and volunteered for projects that needed to be done.

I spent almost 600 hours in meetings in 2022. It could have been worse.


I had the opportunity to spend time with my sons through different things including skiing, biking, and cheering on my youngest son during his half and full Ironmans. Teh Wife and I had date nights and dinners with the kids.



Anki flash cards

2021 completion: 38%
2022 completion: 99%

One goal for 2022 was to learn all of the US Presidents in order. My Anki flash card helped me with that and I can list all 45 presidents. (Yes, Biden is #46, but Grover Clevland was #22 and #24, so that adds up to 45 different presidents.)

One area of improvement for 2023 is remembering to add cards to the deck on a more regular basis.



2021 completion: 40%
2022 completion: 97%

I read at least a little bit almost every day. However, I missed my goal of reading 22 books this year. I hit 11, including long biographies of Presidents Washington and Adams. It’s double the number of books from last year, so I’m happy about that.


2021 total books: 5
2022 total books: 11



2021 completion: 21%
2022 completion: 32%

I wrote 26 newsletter posts and 33 blog posts on johnuhri.com. Started the year strong but broke down quickly.




2021 completion: 31%
2022 completion: 47%


Sadly, my weight was actually up from the beginning of last year. I am doing my best to not guage my overall fitness based on weight. I’m healthier this year (having started biking) so the scale is not my only measure.



2021 completion: 18%
2022 completion: 38%

Started biking, and we bought a Peloton.

469 miles on the bike / 24.5 hours
479 “miles” on the Peloton / 19.5 hours

59 hours on the ski hills


Based on the number of hours I tracked, I slept 2554 hours, or 7 hours per night.

I logged another 125 hours of naps, but these often didn’t count time spent over lunch grabbing 20 minutes on the couch. In 2023, I’ll keep better track of that.


We continued to attend the theater with our friends.



2021 completion percentage: 92%
2022 completion percentage: 99%

I’m especially happy with this improvement. Spending time reading God’s Word and praying is core to me. I got better about remaining consistent through vacations. Places for improvement, though, would include in-person church attendance. We’re always sketchy about attendance during the summer and ski season, but we watched church online more than I would like.

Random other trivia

I spent 67 hours commuting.
I spent 278 hours driving to the lakehouse and other places.
I spent 91 hours running errands.

Written on January 1, 2023