FPV Drone Flying

One interest of mine (the theory of, not the actual doing of, yet) is first-person view (FPV) drone flying. I first heard about FPV Drone Flying from the Make magazine article Star Wars Pod Racing Using Drones where they likened it to flying speeder bikes through the forests on the moon of Endor.

My novel Drone Syndicate (working title) has FPV drone races. To get a feel of what these races are like, check out some of the following videos:

This one is great because it shows a drone flying with a car, and up to 55 mph. My favorite part is when the car and drone pass beneath an underpass (around 1:08) and the drone flying through the arm of an excavator (at 4:03).

This video is the best FPV footage from 2014, my favorite part is when the drone flies through a tunnel beneath a road (at 5:35).

Because everyone actually loves NASCAR because of the crashes, here’s a compilation of FPV race crashes:

And one more, FPV racing in a warehouse in Australia:


2015 in review

Whelp, so much for consistency. I just remembered I had this blog over here and that I haven’t published on it recently. Time to remedy that.

2015 was a good year for me, writing-wise. With two friends, I started a podcast called Typehammer and that proved to be a great point of accountability. Nothing like having to report to two friends each week with what I’ve been working on.

100K+ Words!

That’s how much I created last year. A personal best, and as I work toward becoming a published author, a low (by published author standards), but satisfying starting point.

I have several stories in progress that are in various stages of completion:

  • Stonelair – working on a second draft.
  • Dispossessed – A Battletech short story I plan to submit to BattleCorps. I’m working on the second draft.
  • Drone Mob (working title) – A novel. In first draft.
  • The Warship (working title) – A incomplete NaNoWriMo first draft. I don’t expect to publish this one, sorry.

In 2016, I want to get better at editing and get the first three stories completed. Stick around, I hope to have more to share this year!