What will you see here?

I like to read, and write, about technology, science fiction, dystopian and post-apocalypse worlds. By extension, these are the types of articles I read online, and will post here. If you find the posts here interesting, you’ll probably like what I end up publishing.

As I publish work, I’ll also be promoting it here. This is my author website, after all, and is for marketing my writing.

Occasionally, you may find posts I write on what I like to read. Again, if I like to read it, you may enjoy it as well.

What you won’t see are articles about writing. While the craft of writing is something writers like to discuss, it isn’t the focus of this site. If you are a writer and are interested in that sort of thing, I co-host a writing and tech-of-writing podcast called Typehammer. Check it out over there.